Welcome to my personal site

dsc_2949-1I’m the Stephen Johnson who was born in St.Helens, Lancashire in 1961.
Humble apologies to some of the people who have know me and a big Hi! to the rest.

A quick rundown:
I went to Parish Church School then Central Modern for a few years before being transported to Cowley Boys School. After 6th form I went to Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham for 3 years studying photography. I moved to London in 1984 and eventually got a job at Tony Stone Images where I stayed on and off till 1997 when I moved with Jennie to Sheringham on the North Norfolk Coast. In 1998 our daughter Alice came along and here we are some time later.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my personal site

  1. Thanks Stephen – it means a lot coming from you.

    like nearly all freelance photographers out there I am just trying to 'increase and enhance my revenue streams' :^)

    I'll become your first blog follower now – good luck with it 🙂

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